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Barbara Cupp
Troy Cupp
The Cupps were taken to Nashville, TN. by brother Carroll McGruder of the 
national singing group “The McGruders,” and introduced to Kevin McManus, 
the owner of Oak Valley Sound Studio and Zion Music Group (Zion Music is 
a Nashville Teleproduction Company located in Nashville, TN).

In 1996, The Cupps signed a major recording contract with Zion Music and 
remained on their label for several years before deciding to record as 
independent artists. Although The Cupps chose to leave the label, they still 
did all their recordings with Kevin McManus. They have recorded a total of ten
different projects with Kevin, including their latest project entitled "Heaven Is Real." 

As of January 2011, The Cupps felt God leading them in a new direction with their music. Although they have had offers to sign with two of the nation's major labels, they felt it wasn't God's will at this present time. The Cupps new direction includes releasing all their new radio singles on Crossroads Radio Sampler as independent artist. Crossroads released their new single "I Found The Rock" to radio in January 2011 and many radio stations have already reported it as a listener favorite on their station.

The Cupps are known by their song entitled, “What’s Wrong With Living Right”
This song has been a favorite of most southern gospel lovers over the years. In 
2006, it received national recognition charting at the number 32 position on the 
national charts, and continuing on the charts for eight consecutive months in a 
row. This song also had international success, charting in the top twenties in some 
countries. It remains a favorite of southern gospel fans and experiences consistent 
national airplay until this day. More stations keep adding to their play list.  

The Cupps have released several songs over the past years that have charted in the “Singing News – Top 80” and the “US Gospel News – America’s Top 100” songs in the nation, including everyone’s favorites, "Army Of Angels" and “The Man In The Middle”.  Other songs appearing on the national charts include “I Found The Rock" - “He’s My Friend” -“Broken Pieces” - “I’m So Thankful” -“It Wasn’t The Nails” and “He’ll Be Calling Us Home” .

In late 2006, The Cupps enjoyed more success, as they became a very popular singing group on “EnLighten - XM 34” a national southern gospel radio station on XM Satellite Radio. And 2007 brought more good things to The Cupps as they signed a national distributing contract with “New Day” to place their music in Christian bookstores all across the country. New Day is a national distributing company. The Cupps have recorded eight (10) projects with Zion Music since 1996.

​The Cupps perform at churches, camps, conferences, schools, auditoriums, homecomings, and festivals. They have often performed at several events as a host group. The Cupps have also shared the stage with most all mainsteam groups. Their meek and humble spirit will touch your heart.

We're committed to helping others  to know the Lord Jesus Christ.
Troy was called to the ministry on April 4, 1985, and has been a preacher of the Gospel since 1991. When he is not preaching at his own church, New Life Tabernacle in Jellico, TN/KY, he witnesses through his preaching and singing at other churches. Troy plays rhythm guitar, and sings both lead and low tenor.
Sarah Dishman
Barbara married Troy on her birthday, April 24, 1985, and has been the first lady at New Life Tabernacle since 1991. She is an anointed singer who is sure to leave your hair standing on ends and goose bumps traveling down your spine.  She comes from a musical talented family, plays rhythm guitar, and sings lead and alto. She is also a devoted wife and mother of four daughters.
Hannah Cupp
Sarah married Ben Dishman on ? She is the 2nd daughter born to the Cupps. At age 5, Sarah together with her sister Charity Cupp, her cousins Johnathan & Christopher Cupp, and Scotty Farmer formed their own group known as “The New Cupps.” They received several awards for their 3 part harmony, blend and phasing. Sarah is a very anointed singer that is sure to bless you.
Hannah is Troy and Barbara's third daughter. She is 15 years old. She has sung three-part harmony since she was three years old. She already plays the piano, guitar, and really gets into her singing. Her singing makes you want to shout. She’s anointed little girl! 
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The Cupps Music
Attn: Barbara Cupp
886 Black Oak Rd
Williamsburg, KY 40769

Phone (606) 786-9673, Fax (606) 786-9673

Email: thecupps01@yahoo.com
Ben Dishman
Ben Dishman is our son-in-law and devoted Christian. He serves as a very important part of The Cupps Ministries traveling on the road, in church, and the Williamsburg Gospel Barn.  Ben plays lead guitar, bass guitar, sits up  & breaks down equipment, and keep the bus on the road.  He also is the lead musician at New Life Tabernacle in Williamsburg, Kentucky.