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  Hi!  I'm Barbara Cupp.

    I want to personally thank you for visiting our website today. If you haven't already purchased a copy of our latest cd album "STANDING FIRM,"  visit our Online Music Store and order yours today. I pray our music has touched your life in some way. Don't forget to sign our Guest Book before you leave our website, so we will know that you have stopped by. Thanks and God bless you.
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by Barbara Cupp on 01/19/16

THE CUPPS are excited to announce that we will be returning to the studio on January 28th, 2016 to record the tracks on our new CD entitled "HEAVEN IS REAL". This CD will consist of ten anointed songs that were chosen for this project. Our goal is not to just sing pretty songs, but to sing songs that will have the most effect upon those that hear them. We pray for God to show us which songs will help us to reach the lost people for Christ, strengthen those that are weak, comfort those that are hurting, and encourage those whose faith is weak. We always choose a lot more than ten songs, then we pray for God to lead us in the songs that he would want us to sing. Here is a list of the songs that were chosen and their songwriters. May God bless those that hear them.  READ BELOW....

Heaven Is Real / Eric Hayes
I Turn To You / Rhonda Christian
I Held On / Benjamin Weeks
Jesus Won The War / Russell Gilbert
Mama Prayed For Me / Randy Archer
American Son / Rhonda Davis
Don't Give Up / Darrell Robertson
God Forgive Us / Russell Gilbert
I've Never Been To Heaven / Gerald Dishman
We Are The Majority / Troy Cupp

You can preorder this CD on our website by clicking on this link 
All sells from preordering this CD will help us finish paying for the recording. So order yours today! 

Thank you for listening to our music. God bless. 
Barbara ~ The Cupps

The Cupps Reach Publicity and Promotions Agreement with Choice Promotions

by Barbara Cupp on 06/13/12

Nashville, TN – Eric Melton announces today that The Cupps of Williamsburg, Kentucky have signed a Radio Promotions and Publicity agreement with Melton’s company: Choice Promotions and Management.

During the year 1996 Melton became acquainted with Troy and Barbara Cupp and their family being the Director of Radio Promotions at Zion Music Group in which The Cupps became a signed recording artist with the label that same year. The Cupps are known for their song “What’s Wrong with Living Right” which reached #32 on several national charts and continuing on the charts for eight consecutive months. Other Top 80 hits have included such songs as “Army of Angels”, “The Man In The Middle, He’s My Friend, I Found The Rock, plus several other charting singles.”
Melton states ” It has been wonderful recently getting reacquainted with The Cupps. One thing I appreciate about Troy and Barbara and their family is they are genuine people. In 1996 while the promoter at Zion Music we released a single called “He’ll Be Calling Us Home”. Not too frequently do you find an artist that is in demand within 3 weeks after their first national release, however as soon as their single had been mailed and we had not even began contacting the stations about the progress of the single, the phone was ringing constantly of churches wanting to get in touch with them for bookings. I know that God has had his anointing on them all of these years and they continue to bless many lives with their ministry”.
In addition to their travels, The Cupps pastor the New Life Tabernacle in Jellico TN and are currently working on their next recording “Somebody’s Gonna Stand” with their long time award winning producer Kevin McManus. The first single from the new CD will be released on Choice Promotions Radio Sampler Vol #2 this summer. You can find more information in the coming weeks by emailing Choice Promotions at or by going to

The Cupps Celebrate 27th Wedding Anniversary & Cut tracks on new cd project.

by Barbara Cupp on 04/28/12

Wow! What a great week it has been. We celebrated Barbara's birthday, our 27th wedding anniversary, and recorded the tracks on our new cd "Somebody's Gonna Stand." This new cd is gonna be great! We took pictures and recorded day to day footage of our trip to the studio. We have now returned back home to practise singing with the tracks. Then on May 21st through 23rd, we go back to Nashville to record the vocals and finish the cd. There's a lot of excitement and fun that goes into recording a new cd, and people have requested pictures of us in the studio with the band. We plan to get lots of pics throughout the recording of this cd, and make up a book on the day to day footage of recording the cd "Somebody's Gonna Stand." We will make this book available to anyone who makes a donation of $10.00 or more toward our new cd. God bless.


by Barbara Cupp on 03/31/12

It may not be baseball, but The Cupps has a double hitter on the gospel music charts for April 2012. We have two songs on the national charts this month. Wow!!! God is so good. Our song "IN GOD WE TRUST" just moved up to #25 and "THE SAVIOUR MAN FORGOT" written by Russell Gilbert has just entered the chart at #99. We have had songs as high as #12 on the Christian Voice Magazine Charts and #32 on the Singing News Charts, but in the 16 year history of The Cupps, we have never had two songs on the charts at the same time. Look out world we are about to get our second wind. I can see a bright future for The Cupps Music. This is very encouraging and comes in a timely manner as we are making plans to go to next level in our singing ministry. We are so excited!!! Thanks DJs for playing The Cupps music. God bless. Barbara.

The Cupps Music Give-away on Facebook - "I Shared Offer #6"

by Barbara Cupp on 03/15/12

Alright we have a winner! Congratulations goes to Christina Vanover! You are the winner of 2 tickets to the "SPRING FEST 2012 CONCERT featuring THE HINSONS, THE BARRETT FAMILY, & THE CUPPS." Thanks and we'll see you there! Christina was the winner of "The Cupps Music Give-away - I Shared Offer #6"  Visit us at and you might be our next winner.

Adding New Pictures

by Barbara Cupp on 02/24/12

Be watching for us to add new pictures to this website.  We will try to do add some of them tonight. Thanks for checking out our new website.

Like To Have Tweeter On Our Home Page

by Barbara Cupp on 02/14/12

I was on Crawford Crossing website and notice Tweeter is on their Home page. I love it. Tweeter would be a great way to make my Facebook and Website work together. When I post on The Cupps Music facebook wall, tweeter sends a copy to my personal facebook page. Tweeter can also send a copy to a website page. Pretty cool. 

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